So, ever since I got into The Peak Performance Project’s artist development program I haven’t had much time/money to build. I made an offer in this vlog/doc that if you donate any amount of money to my tiny house project, you will not only be helping me build an amazing house but I will send […]

  Today I painted all the surface rust with an oil based Tremclad rust paint.  When I went to my paint store and asked for it they said Canada had banned all oil based paints because they’re bad for the environment, which is strange because they had it at Home Depot.  By the way if […]

Today I took the decking off of my trailer, it took awhile because parts were welded on but I managed to cut through with an angle grinder.  I also wire brushed off all the loose surface rust on the trailer.  It is now ready to be painted with some tremclad anti-rust paint tomorrow

  So I picked up my trailer yesterday.  Initially I was going to have a custom one built in Washington State (I live in BC Canada)  But realizing my funds were lower then expected and it would take 5-6  weeks to build I opted out for a used utility trailer. If you are looking to […]