Day 2 complete

  Today I painted all the surface rust with an oil based Tremclad rust paint.  When I went to my paint store and asked for it they said Canada had banned all oil based paints because they’re bad for the environment, which is strange because they had it at Home Depot.  By the way if you’re buying a used trailer MAKE SURE the steel hasn’t rusted through anywhere.  I bought my first trailer last summer thinking I would get the shell up by fall until I discovered a shit ton of hidden rust in the tongue cavities, had to get rid of it and lost a lot of money.

  Tomorrow I’m going to take a break from the house and focus on my music project amble greene,  last night it was announced that I got in the Top Twenty for The Peak Performance Project, which is an amazing artist development program funded by the British Columbian government.  You may have noticed amble greene is the name on this page as well.  Both music and house are related in a way and ultimately binds together through alternative living.  I have a lot to think about.

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