it all starts with a trailer

Trailer2  So I picked up my trailer yesterday.  Initially I was going to have a custom one built in Washington State (I live in BC Canada)  But realizing my funds were lower then expected and it would take 5-6  weeks to build I opted out for a used utility trailer.

If you are looking to build a tiny house and have the time and money I recommend reading this blog post   On how to order a custom one.  Also Dee Williams book go-house-go has some really great info you can find that at PAD

Recently Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has started a line of their own specialty trailers made specifically for tiny houses,  this is awesome for the community and I hope to see trailer companies do this in the future.

My trailer is about 18 feet long and the width is 8′ 6”.  I made sure to get it certified before purchasing.  It   went to a trailer inspector and passed with only a few minor issues.  The trailer is rated 10,000 GVWR, and cost me $1800.

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